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Anode Plane Assembly (APA)
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Christos Touramanis (CL), Justin Evans(TL), Brian Rebel (TL) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-APA-CNSRT
Photon Detection System (PDS)
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Ettore Segreto (CL), David Warner (TL-Mech), Francesco Terranova (TL-Elec) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-PHOTON-SP-CNSRT
Time Projection Chamber (TPC)
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David Christian (CL), Marco Verzocchi (TL) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-TPC-SP-CNSRT
Charge Readout Plane (CRP)
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Dominique Duchesneau (CL), Serhan Tufanli (TL) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-CRP-CNSRT

Computing (COM)
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Heidi Schellman (CL), Mike Kirby (HLTL) Andrew McNab (ITL) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-COMP-CNSRT
Calibration/Cryo Instrumentation (CALCI)
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José Maneira (CL), Sowjanya Gollapinni (TL-CAL), Amselmo Cervera (TL-CI) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-CALCI-CNSRT
Data Acquisition System/Slow Controls (DAQ)
Giovanna Lehmann (CL), Alessandro Thea (TL), Asher Kaboth (TL) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-DAQ-CNSRT
High Voltage System (HV)
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Francesco Pietropaolo (CL), Bo Yu (TL) Subscribe to • DUNE-FD-HV-CNSRT
ND – LAr
Michael Weber (CL), Dan Dwyer (TL) Subscribe to • DUNE-ND-LAR
Luca Stanco (CL), Claudio Montanari (TL) Subscribe to • DUNE-ND-BEAM-MONITOR-SAND
ND – GAr
Alan Bross (CL), Alfons Weber (CL) Subscribe to • DUNE-ND-MPD
Vertical Detector Top TPC Electronics
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Dario Autiero (CL), Takuya Hasegawa (CL) Subscribe to • DUNE-VD-TOP-TPC-CNSRT