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Physics Ryan Patterson

Elizabeth Worcester

By invitation only
BSM Phenomenology Alex Sousa

Jae Yu

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Calibration David Caratelli

Mike Mooney

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FD Simulation and Reconstruction Chris Backhouse

Alex Himmel

Leigh Whitehead

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High Energy  Lisa Koerner

Vitaly Kudryavtsev

Yun-Tse Tsai

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Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillations Chris Marshall

Mayly Sanchez

Callum Wilkinson

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Low-Energy  Alex Friedland

Ines Gil Botella

Kate Scholberg

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? Interactions & SM

Mike Kordosky

Steve Manly

Cheryl Patrick

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ProtoDUNE Analysis

Georgios Christodoulou

Jaime Dawson

Slavic Galymov

Tingjun Yang


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