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DUNE-Young is a group of graduate students and postdocs physicists working on the DUNE experiment. Its goals are to coordinate those working in the ‘trenches’ and speak with a unified voice to DUNE’s governing boards on their behalf. It is also an informal forum to exchange ideas, algorithms, coding tips and all sorts of useful information. And last, but not least, it is a way to get to know your colleagues working on the experiment during social events.


Spokesperson liaison:
Jeremy Wolcott (

Jeremy Wolcott

Spokespersons Advisory Committee: Mateus Carneiro

Mateus Carneiro

IB representative:
Chris Hilgenberg

Chris Hilgenberg

Spokespersons Advisory Committee: Pip Hamilton  (

Pip Hamilton

Code of Conduct Committee:Jake Calcutt (​)

Jake Calcutt


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