Tool Read access Write access Description
Approved Plots ​DUNE shared credentials See the online documentation. ​Groups and categorizes physics plots that are approved for use by DUNE collaborators in talks and presentations. More details on how to get your plot listed.
Code documentation (doxygen for DUNE) ​Public Fermilab computer accounts and authorized access (request access) ​doxygen-generated documentation for DUNE code
Code repository (GitHub) ​Public github account (sign up) and authorized access to the repository request authorization ​Repository where many DUNE/LBNF related documents and software packages are developed.
Code repository (Redmine) Public Fermilab computer accounts and authorization ​Redmine is a software repository hosting some of the DUNE software projects.
Collaborator Database Fermilab computer accounts and authorization contact dune-communication ​Database of information on DUNE collaborators.
Data Catalog Public Fermilab computer accounts and web write permissions ​The DUNE Data Catalog contains links to data produced by Monte Carlo challenges, and information on how to access DUNE data samples.
Document database (DocDB) ​Public/DUNE shared credentials/certificate

Protected documents are accessible by:

DUNE shared credentials/certificate ​Document repository to manage, store and archive documents. More information:

EDMS Requires Authorization CERN computer accounts and authorization ​EDMS provides one single source of engineering data. It makes sure that people find the right information (e.g. latest, approved or relevant information).
Training available
Glossary ​Public Glossary/Definitions of DUNE terms or the “abc’s of DUNE”.
Logos and templates ​Public ​DUNE logos and templates to be used when making LBNF/DUNE related presentations and documents.
Mailing lists Public (some mailing lists are restricted) ​List of all DUNE mailing lists
Meeting calendar (Indico) ​​Public (a few categories are restricted and require authorization) Indico account (register) or Fermilab computer accounts ​Indico is the location for all DUNE meeting agendas.
Risk Register Fermilab computer accounts and authorization ​The risk register is a tool used to officially record risks to the LBNF/DUNE project.
Service Request Portal for DUNE Fermilab computer accounts ​Make a request for DUNE Software & Computing or DUNE Monte Carlo request to be addressed by DUNE experts.
Slack (dunescience) Request an invite ​The dunescience slack team provides a common tool for discussions about different topics. Currently general topics, photon detector and supernova channels exist.
Videoconference (Zoom) Meeting ID to join meeting

Zoom account to host a meeting (get a Zoom account – a Fermilab services account is required)

Zoom client downloaded to your computer/mobile device (easier than using web access)

Tool for videoconferences and remote meeting attendance
​Wiki for DUNE ​DUNE shared credentials Authorization Required Official DUNE wiki. Consortia working areas and other collaborative functionality are located here.