DUNE Job Posting 04.20.20

Brookhaven National Lab

Postdoc in EDG


The Electronic Detector Group (EDG) in the Physics Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory has major current responsibilities centered on an extensive neutrino program focused on the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) and including Daya Bay, PROSPECT and the short baseline neutrino program at FNAL (SBN), as well as development of associated detectors. BNL has significant leadership in rare process research, including g-2 and Belle II. The EDG currently has twenty-five physicists at various career levels and a long history of research in fundamental particle physics. In collaboration with BNL’s Instrumentation Division, the group develops electronics and detector systems for liquid-argon Time Projection Chambers (LArTPCs). In collaboration with BNL’s Chemistry Department, the group develops water-based liquid scintillator and reactor neutrino experiments.


Experimental Physicist


Taking a leading role in all aspects of particle physics experiments, including the conception and design of experiments, the building and operation of detectors and the analysis of data.
Co-ordinating or making important contributions to studies, projects or committee work.
Representing the Organization at conferences, workshops, or in other research laboratories and institutions.
Supervising research and development work and planning and managing activities including material and personnel resources.

University of Bristol
Senior Research Associate

Applications are invited for the position of Senior Research Associate (Electronics Research Engineer or Physicist), working in the Particle Physics Group at the University of Bristol. The successful applicant will lead the design and development of advanced electronics for particle physics experiments and related technology development.