DUNE Job Posting 10.05.20

DUNE Job Postings 10.05.20

Tufts University
The IAIFI postdoctoral fellowships will be anchored at MIT. The goal for the fellows program is to spark interdisciplinary, multi-investigator, multi-subfield collaborations. We hope to do this by giving the fellows substantial freedom in choosing their research focus; scientific movement of fellows within the institute will be quite free. More details may be found in the link. The deadline to apply is October 20.
Contact: iaifi-fellows@mit.edu or Taritree Wongjirad taritree.wongjirad@tufts.edu

The Lederman Fellowship at Fermilab is intended to attract exceptional postdoctoral candidates who have demonstrated outstanding ability in research and who, in addition, have a strong interest in education and outreach. Lederman Fellows are free to choose any area in Fermilab’s broad experimental program for performing their research, including neutrino physics, LHC research with the CMS experiment, astroparticle physics, intensity frontier experiments such as Muon g-2 and Mu2e, quantum information science, and quantum sensor research. In recognition of Leon Lederman’s commitment to the teaching of physics at all levels, Fellows are also expected to participate for a fraction of their time in education. An example would be the “Saturday Morning Physics” program or other outreach. Candidates not selected for the Lederman Fellowship may be considered for other Research Associate opportunities at Fermilab.
Contact James Hirschauer jhirsch@fnal.gov

LHEP BERN (2 positions)
Postdoctoral position in experimental neutrino physics The LHEP/AEC has a strong research program on experimental neutrino physics based on liquid argon TPCs. Based on our in-house research and development of the technology we made major contributions to the SBN program at Fermilab (USA). We are currently a leading institute in the construction of the Near Detector for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE).
Contact: M. Weber, weber@lhep.unibe.ch

Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position in Neutrino Physics Applications are invited for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position intended to lead to a PhD degree in Physics at the University of Bern. The ESR position is available as part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) “INTENSE” (Grant Agreement Number: 858199, website: http://itnintense.df.unipi.it/. The INTENSE program is focused on experimental particle physics, particle accelerators and particle detectors including e.g. neutrino, flavor, dark matter, or BSM (Beyond the Standard Model) searches.
Contact: Michele Weber, weber@lhep.unibe.ch and/or Simone Donati, simone.donati@unipi.it

Brookhaven National Lab
The Physics Department has an opening for an Assistant Scientist. The candidate will be expected to take a leading role in activities of the group including the design, construction, analysis and development of DUNE, operation and analysis of SBN and opportunities to participate in the running and analysis of PROSPECT or analysis of Daya Bay or other flavor physics research. The candidate would be expected to expand or enhance the group’s capabilities in experimental neutrino physics. This position would be under the direction of Dr. Steve Kettell.
Contact: Steve Kettel kettell@bnl.gov

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Berkeley Lab’s Nuclear Science Division (NS) has an opening for a Senior Scientific Engineering Associate to join their Neutrinos Group!
In this role, you will collaborate with a diverse group of scientists across the Lab to contribute to the development and performance testing for scintillating media and photon detectors for large-scale detector deployment.
Contact: Dr. Gabriel Orebi Gann GOrebiGann@lbl.gov.

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division has an opening for an LZ Computing Infrastructure Developer to work on software development and maintenance for the LZ experiment.
In this role, you will develop and maintain methods and procedures to transfer scientific data from the experimental site in South Dakota to the primary data center at Berkeley Lab, NERSC, and to UK data centers.