Invitation for DUNE talks at workshop about “Reconstruction and Machine Learning in Neutrino Experiments”, Hamburg (Germany), Sept. 2019

We are currently starting to organize a workshop about “Reconstruction and Machine Learning in Neutrino Experiments”. The workshop will take place in Hamburg (Germany) in September 2019. More information can be found at

For this workshop we are searching speakers. Thus it would be a great help it you could identify people within your collaboration that would be interested in presenting their work. This could either be work on the event reconstruction in your experiment or any kind of machine learning application related to your project. If you have such a person, I would be glad if you can put me into contact with him or her. Otherwise a quick feedback would be good. This will help me to understand how much interest is arising and whom to contact again at a later time.

Possible topics are:
– Projection Matching Algorithm (PMA)
– Reconstruction of 3D topological information
– Event classification using neural networks
– Library Event Matching (LEM)
– Likelihood Identification
– Boosted Decision Trees
– Pandora particle flow algorithm
– ….

If you are not the correct contact person, please put me into contact with the right person in your project.

Best regards,
Bjoern Wonsak.