Speaker for NUINT2018 workshop, 15-19 October, Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila, Italy

If you are interested in giving the alk or if you have a suggestion for a speaker, please contact the DUNE Speakers Committee before Friday, September 7.

On behalf of the program committee of the NUINT2018 workshop
(15-19 October, Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila, Italy).

I would like to invite DUNE representative to give a talk on “The DUNE flux predictions.”

The talk is (15+5 for questions) min long and will be given at dedicated session: Neutrino Flux Predictions.
Please let me know by the 21.08 the name of the selected speaker.

NuInt 18 is the 12th of a series of workshops devoted to the discussion of neutrino-nucleus interactions,in the broad kinematical regime relevant to astrophysical applications and accelerator-based searches of neutrino oscillations.

Web page of the conference is: https://indico.cern.ch/event/703880/registrations/41514/

Best regards,
Magdalena Posiadała-Zezula
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland
on behalf of the NUINT 2018 program committee